1st Grade 4Ocean Project

Posted 03/09/2020

Dear Bradley Families,

Our 1st graders have been studying the ocean and our impact on the ocean’s ecosytem.  We have learned about how pollution continues to accumulate in the oceans and the effect it is having on the coral reefs, kelp forests, animals, and more.  As part of our IB Programme, we encourage the kids to take action to enhance their learning, and they are eager to take action to lessen our human impact on our oceans.

In our research, we discovered a company called 4Ocean   an organization founded by 2 surfers who grew tired of all of the trash on the coast and in the ocean. Please read more about 4Ocean here, https://4ocean.com and how it all began at, https://4ocean.com/pages/our-story .

4Ocean collects ocean trash and recycles it to create bracelets from the glass, plastic and metal they collect.  One bracelet sold generates enough money to collect up to one pound of trash.  Each month 4Ocean partners with a conservation cause and features a special bracelet color to tie-in with their cause.

As part of our action plan, we would like to sell these bracelets when we return from Spring Break has offered us a choice of several colors and causes (please see attachments for available bracelets).

Please help our first grade classes make a difference in cleaning up the world’s oceans, by returning an order form to Mrs. Dines’ box in the office or emailing your order to: natalie_dines@dpsk12.org

**The price of a bracelet is $20 each**

****CASH ONLY****   See Flyer for options and to order: 4Ocean Order Form 2020

Thank you,
The First Grade Team