2020 Annual Family Update

Posted 07/26/2020

Hello Bradley Families!

The beginning of the 2020-21 school year is approaching and it’s time for ALL DPS families to complete the Annual Family Update, our online registration process. As you know, DPS has adjusted our start date. Bradley teachers will be reaching out to families the week of August 17-21. Online classes (K-5) will begin on Monday, August 24th and will continue until Tuesday, September 8th which will transition to in-person learning. Prior to the end of the two weeks, a decision will be made by DPS to continue with remote learning or move to a hybrid of remote and in-person learning. We will have more information as we receive it from the district.


September 18 will be announced on Friday (9/11) as the official deadline for families to finalize their learning option. Any students who does not have a learning option selected in IC or Parent Portal after 9/18 will be assigned to the virtual program. After September 18, any hardship related program change requests will need to go through a student’s school and decisions will be made based on available space in requested program.

How can guardians make a Learning Option Selection OR make changes to their selection?

If a guardian has not yet completed AFU/Verification then they should complete AFU in Infinite Campus and make a Learning Option Selection at that time.

Families who have completed AFU/Verification can make a Learning Option Selection or a change to their selection in one of three ways:

  1. Complete a digital “Learning Option Change Form” in Parent Portal (avail in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Arabic)
  2. Complete a PDF form (avail. in all consent decree languages). Form can be provided by main office.

 During the Annual Family Update, you will have the opportunity to enroll in the 100% entire 1st semester DPS online learning option or the Bradley hybrid/in-person learning option (Bradley remote online learning until October 16 and then moving to an in-person learning with your Bradley teacher). This is also the time to verify and update your household information.

This Annual Family Update registration is ONLINE ONLY and is REQUIRED FOR ALL DPS FAMILIES!


Annual Family Update can only be completed by the parent guardian listed in the primary household of the student record.

Parents/guardians must have an active DPS Parent Portal account; check for an active account or create an account at myportal.dpsk12.org.

If you HAVE NOT set up your DPS Parent Portal, you will need to do so.
* Create a DPS Parent Portal account at myportal.dpsk12.org
* Enter all information: use the email address that DPS has on file for you, create a password, and have one of your child’s student ID number. That can be found on any progress reports.
* Once account is created, wait about 15 minutes for welcome email. When you get that, you are ready to complete the Annual Family Update.
* Follow the below instructions to complete update.

If you HAVE a Parent Portal set up:
* Go to myportal.dpsk12.org
* Log in
* Find the ‘Apps’ tab toward the top; click to find Annual Family Update (or find the tab at the top of the main page).
* It will take you to another page; find the Annual Family Update along the left bottom side.
* Go through each child and each section checking that all information is correct for the new school year.
* Make sure you submit/finish and get an email confirmation that you have completed the Annual Family Update.

All DPS families will need to complete the Annual Family Update for the 2020-2021 school year no matter what DPS school you will be attending.

If you have trouble with the Parent Portal, please contact the Parent Portal HOTLINE at 720-423-3163.

Check our Bradley website for updated information at bradley.dpsk12.org .

Thank you!