Bradley Messenger 5.13.22

Posted 05/14/2022

News from the Nest….

  • 2nd & 3rd went on field trips this week – they loved visiting the Museums!
  • Today, 1st graders had fun with the Earth Balloon! Ask your student all about it!
  • Ms. Kapner’s class got their extra recess at Eisenhower for Read-a-Thon this week! Great job Ms. Kapner’s class!
  • Lunch Menu for next week: May 16-20 Lunch Menu

School News

  • Greetings From the Bradley Library! As the school year winds down, we are trying to collect all the library books before summer break.  Please try and locate all missing books and return them to our library as soon as you can. If the books cannot be located, you may either pay a $20 cash fee so we may purchase a new copy of the book for our library OR you may buy a copy of the same hardback book and donate it to the library.  If the books are not accounted for, your child will not be able to attend Bradley Field Day and an alternate activity will be provided.  If you cannot locate the book and payment is not an option for your family, please let me know.  We can try and accommodate you as best we can. Thank you! Ms. Distel, Teacher Librarian
  • School Picnic: The school wide picnic will be on May 31 during class lunch time. This is for students and teachers only. Please bring in the following items by Friday, May 27th (frozen otter pops too). Last names beginning with:
    • A-G – individual bags of chips, crackers, goldfish, pretzels, etc.
    • H-M – individually wrapped cookies, brownies, Rice Krispie Treats, etc.
    • N-S – juice boxes or Capri Suns or Kool Aid Squishers
    • T-Z – FROZEN Otter Pops or FROZEN Flavor Ice for Field Day (Please no popsicles)
  • Field Day: Field Day will be held on June 1st (rain date, June 2nd). Parents are welcome to attend Field Day. See attached flyer School Picnic. Please see the schedule below:
    • 9:00-9:30am – AM ECE 3’s
    • 9:15-9:30am – Opening Ceremony
    • 9:30-11:00am – Grades 3rd-5th
    • 9:30-10:00am – Ms. AJ’s ECE Class
    • 10:00-10:30am – Ms. Helen’s ECE Class
    • 10:30-11:00am – Ms. Lisa’s ECE Class
    • 1:20-2:50pm – Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
    • 2:30-3:00pm – PM ECE 3’s
  • Skate City Summer Card: Skate all summer between May 31st through August 12th for only $1 per skate session! Regular admission is $7.50. What a deal this card is! Buy the Summer Card through Bradley for only $5. Cards are on sale online this year at Skate City Colorado
  • 2022-23 Online Registration: Current DPS families – save time by updating your student’s information online! By completing this process using your Parent Portal account, you can avoid paper forms and save time in August. All DPS Students must have an accepted seat prior to registering their student. Select one of the windows available to register your student(s) online for 2022-23:
    • The “Early Bird” window, May 2-20, 2022
    • Current year, late July-September 2022To register online, primary legal guardians of current DPS students must have an active DPS Parent Portal account. Visit to sign up, or to check that your account is active and ready. For more information on how to complete online registration, contact the front office or visit
  • Bradley Summer Camp: Need a fun summer camp for your student(s)? We are planning our Bradley Summer Camp for the month of June (June 6th – July 1st)! All camps are run by Bradley teachers and paras AND it’s at Bradley – what could be better! Registration is available online on the Bradley website (see attached flier)! Registration ends May 18th!

PTO News

  • Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the Modern Market Dines Out yesterday. It was a great success and what a great place to eat!

Community Events

  • Skate Park Event for Kids – SE Denver is hosting a free, fun pop-up skate park event on June 5th from 10:00am-2:00pm. WHAT: Southeast Denver Skatepark Pop-up – Get on board with this inclusive skate event for all abilities and ages to promote a permanent skatepark in Southeast Denver. WHEN: June 5, 10:00-2:00 PM. WHERE: Kennedy soccer fields parking lot (on Dayton, south of Hampden WHO: Everyone is welcome (all ages, all abilities) THIS FUN EVENT INCLUDES:
    • Pericos Taco Truck
    • Solar bubble machine
    • Skate contests
    • Live painting from local artists
    • Learn more about the efforts to create a permanent skatepark • Guests are encouraged to bring their own helmet and pads, however a limited number of loaners will be available. A waiver is required for all riders. 10 AM – 2 PM June 5 For more information visit: Rails and ramps, Beginner skateboard lessons with instructors present. Skatepark etiquette and gear education. Gear giveaways, prizes, and activities and music.
  • Summer Read Camp: ReadCamp is the free virtual training camp for Summer Reading for Pre K- 8th Grade kids. During READCamp, kids participate in literacy based training, drills and practice in order to maintain reading skills over the summer to tackle the summer slide. READ Camp kicks off Memorial Day through Labor Day. Register your child at See a slideshow information here: READCamp

Strategies for Students Social Emotional Development

We are all social emotional beings and throughout our lives, we all continue to shape our behaviors and relationships. However, for lifelong well-being, the development of social emotional skills should be shaped wisely as a child opens its eyes to this world. Early ages are especially important for kids as they explore the world and every concept related to it. They are so eager to learn new things and they shape a future with what they have learnt in their childhood.

Here are some strategic actions that will help you guide your child in improving their social emotional learning skills:

  1. Define and verbalize your children’s emotions: If they are crying, tell them “You look sad” or “It looks like you are mad right now.” This way you can reflect their emotions to them with words and help them understand and verbalize them too.
  2. Approve your children’s feelings: Instead of saying “Stop shouting and calm down, it’s not a big deal” try to say “I know you are really angry right now but we can talk about it.” This way you can show them that it’s sometimes okay to have big feelings.
  3. Try to build some empathy together: Ask them “Can you show me how your friend’s face was when you hit him?” This way they will learn to show empathy in regards to what others could have felt.
  4. Give your kid some space and let them experience uncomfortable feelings: Everyone feels alone or bored sometimes. Teach them how to handle those feelings instead of avoiding them. This will help them tolerate disturbing feelings and situations going forward.
  5. Accept emotions & correct behaviors: It’s okay to feel angry sometimes. Eventually, we need to feel that anger in some specific situations. However, it is never acceptable to show aggressive behavior. Teach your children that the feeling is normal, but they shouldn’t be screaming loudly in a public area just because they are feeling an emotion as this may make other people uncomfortable.
  6. Support other cognitive skills: Improving verbal and mathematical skills will also support children’s social emotional development, as they affect communication and reasoning abilities. Scientific educational brain games apps developed by academicians like those at MentalUP are reliable and beneficial sources to improve cognitive skills. MentalUP first determines children’s abilities and gives daily challenges to support improvable skills.

Every parent should keep in mind that all kids can shape and develop their social and emotional skills differently. Trying to find ways that suit your kids’ needs, interests and according to learning styles (such as visual, sensory, cognitive or auditory learning style) is always a better solution than blaming yourself or the kids. (MentalUp)

Important Dates to Remember

May 17 – 3rd Grade to Museum of Nature & Science
May 18 – Last Day to sign up for Bradley Summer Camp
May 20 – Online 2022-23 Early Bird Registration ENDS

May 26 – Ms. Laura’s Kindergarten to Children’s Museum
May 27 – ECE 4’s to Botanic Gardens
May 30 – NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day
May 31 – School Picnic
June 1 – Field Day
June 1 – 2 – Lost and Found Tables

June 2 – 5th Grade Continuation
June 3 – Kinder Bridging and ECE Continuation
June 3 – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – Dismissal 12:15

Visit the Bradley website for more information and more important dates:

Have a great weekend!