Bradley PTO Read-a-Thon Results!

Posted 04/10/2021

Hello Bradley Families,

HUGE thank you to everyone that participated in the Read-a-Thon! This year’s fundraiser raised over $20,000 that goes entirely back to Bradley! Half of the proceeds will go directly to the classrooms, while the other half will be used by the PTO on various Bradley projects.

Congratulations to our 5th Grade winner in Ms. Grotegut’s class – she read over 2,300 minutes during the fundraiser, making her the top reader in the school!

The students in Ms. Butcher’s 5th grade class had the highest class total – students read almost 14,000 minutes during the fundraiser! The class gets a pizza party with dessert to celebrate.

The students in Ms. Rosales’ kindergarten class raised the most funds – over $2,500! Students get a free Bradley Spirit Wear water bottle to celebrate.

Also, receiving a Bradley water bottle is a 3rd grader from Ms. Reisman’s class who raised the most money for the school, collecting $735.00.

Classrooms with the most reading minutes for their grade get a pizza party on Monday to celebrate. Congratulations!

  • 5th Grade = Cress’ class – 13,105 minutes
  • 4th Grade = Butcher’s class – 13,893 minutes
  • 3rd Grade = Reisman’s class – 6,126 minutes
  • 2nd Grade = Kapner’s class – 10,076 minutes
  • 1st Grade = Dougherty’s class – 6,650 minutes
  • Kindergarten = LeQuesne’s class – 8,649 minutes
  • ECE = Campos’ class – 3,039 minutes

Congratulations to each student that participated in the Read-a-Thon!

Depending on how much each student read or raised they may earn:

  • Top # reading minutes in the entire class = Show and Tell to the class
  • >500 reading minutes = Extra recess
  • >300 reading minutes = Bradley Spirit Treasure Box item
  • >150 reading minutes = Bring a Stuffie/Toy to School Day
  • >$100 raised = Extra recess
  • >$50 raised = No homework pass
  • >$30 raised = Extra screen time pass

Prizes will be distributed in the coming weeks through each classroom.

Thank you again for helping to make this fundraiser such a huge success!

Bradley PTO