DPS Nursing Services Dental Information

Posted 03/15/2022

Hello Bradley Families!

Here is some information that DPS Nursing Services would like parents to know about Oral Health. The past 2 years, we haven’t had oral screening for dental issues or had the sealant program due to COVID.

Here are two programs that DPS would like all parents:

  1. to complete the At Home Oral Health Survey which is below
  2. to opt in for the DPS sealant program if you would like your student to receive sealants (flyer is attached and was sent home in Friday Folders)

Parent At Home Oral Health Survey 21-22: DPS cares about the health of your child. To support our efforts to identify health issues that may impact your child’s success and ability to learn, we are resuming our health screening program with in-person vision and hearing screenings at school. Due to the impacts of the pandemic, we will be unable to provide in-person oral health screenings this year. Since good oral health is so important for concentration, we are asking that you please complete the Oral Health Screening At Home survey on the Parent Portal. A few minutes and a flashlight or good light source is all you need to complete the screening! Along with the vision and hearing data, the information collected through the online oral health survey will help us connect you and your students to any health resources you may need. Please complete the survey electronically within three weeks from today. Although the data is most accessible electronically, if there is a need to complete a paper copy, please contact the school’s health or front office, then return the document within 3 weeks of this message. Click for further instructions on a Smartphone/tablet/laptop/desktop. At this time surveys in Burmese and Arabic languages are only available in a printed format obtainable from your school Nurse.

DPS Sealant Program – the Chopper Topper Program will take place at Bradley April 11-14 during school hours. Students returning a signed consent form (see attached form) will receive oral hygiene education, a toothbrush and a small prize, referrals as needed and possibly fluoride varnish and/or sealants, determined during the dental screening. The programs strives to provide this great service to as many children as possible. Consent forms are sent to all 1st through 4th grade students. Please return the Opt-In form to your student(s) teacher as soon as possible.

Chopper Topper Opt In Program Form