K-5th Grade Safety Procedures

Posted 09/16/2020


Dear Bradley Community,

We are so excited to gradually welcome our students back to school! Currently, our Kindergarten and 1st grade students will return to in-person learning on September 29th, with 2nd through 5th grades returning on October 21st.  As always, the health and safety of your children is our top priority. Given these unusual times, we want to make sure you are aware of some changes at our school related to student arrival and dismissal, health and safety protocols, and our daily schedule.

We are following stringent state guidelines regarding the cleaning of our classroom and facilities, and our teachers and school staff members are receiving training on new safety protocols. 

Teachers and paraprofessionals will be asked to complete daily health screenings, and all adults will be required to wear masks or face coverings while at school. All individuals will be asked to wash their hands upon arrival, at least once every two hours, and as necessary throughout the day. 

You may also notice a difference in our student arrival and dismissal process as follows:

    • Please ensure that your child is healthy and well before arriving at school. If your child feels unwell or if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please keep them home until their medical provider says that they may return to school. 
    • Before arrival each day, parents/guardians will be asked to complete a passive health screener using At-Home Symptom Screening Instructions verifying their student’s health.  If a child has an elevated temperature of over 100.4 degrees or other illness symptoms, we are asking parents/guardians to keep their child home.
    • If a parent/guardian has not completed the passive health screening prior to arrival, the child will be screened at school before entering the building by a staff member.  
    • Parents/guardians will drop off and pick up students outside of the school building in a designated area. 
  • Kindergarten – at classroom doors facing Plum Place
  • 1st & 2nd grade – main entrance doors/lawn on Elm Street
    • 3rd grade – south entrance doors/lawn on Elm Street
    • 4th grade – north entrance doors/lawn on Cornell Avenue
    • 5th grade – west entrance doors/playground (using Plum Place arch entryway)
  • Please maintain physical distancing and wear a mask or face covering when dropping off and picking up your child. 
  • We will be implementing staggered arrival and dismissal times to minimize the number of parents/guardians at the school at once. 

There also will be new protocols during the school day once students are inside the building:

  • All students will stay in their classrooms throughout the day except for bathroom breaks, recess and outdoor learning. Both breakfast and lunch will be served in the classroom.
    • All students will have the opportunity to receive free breakfast and lunch through the first semester.
  • All students will have their own sets of school supplies that they use each day and will not be shared with other students.
  • Throughout the school day, we will strive to keep students as distanced as possible. We recognize this will be difficult for children, and we are planning fun and encouraging methods to help them.
  • CDC recommends that young children (3 years and older) wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. DPS will follow this recommendation while meeting each child where they are developmentally in learning this new skill. Students will not need to wear masks during meals or while outside. Additional information about masks usage, including student exemptions, can be found here

There are some changes to our daily schedule:

  • As a reminder, any K-5th grade student who has been enrolled in the virtual program will continue learning from home through at least December 2020 and will be taught by a teacher from our school or a similar, nearby program. 
  • Currently, the Bradley school day for K-5th grades will be in-person synchronous learning from 9:00 (arrival) – 3:00 (dismissal) and asynchronous learning from 3:00-3:30 daily for a total of 6.5 hours of instructional time. 
  • Therefore, if you choose to stay virtual, your child’s daily schedule will be subject to change.  Please complete the Annual Family Update in Parent Portal and select your Learning Option if you haven’t already done so.  Your option will automatically be virtual learning unless you select in-person.  

Lastly, all families will need to attend a virtual Return to School Night to receive the most up to date information: 

  • Kindergarten and 1st grade – September 23rd at 6:00 p.m. hosted by the classroom teachers. 
  • 2nd – 5th grades – October 14th at 6:00 p.m. hosted by the classroom teachers.
  • This health and safety orientation is something other districts have used to support elementary-aged students and families with understanding how to navigate the classroom environment successfully based on health and safety considerations the schools have put in place. 
  • More details with the zoom links will be shared with you by your classroom teacher and on the Bradley website.  

We know that this may seem like a lot of change, but please know we are committed to making this an amazing year for our students! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at 720-424-9468.  Thank you and we are looking forward to this gradual return!


Stephen Wera
Principal, Bradley International