No School – Thursday, March 19th

Posted 03/04/2020

Dear Families:

It is our priority to keep you informed about events that impact our schools and students. This letter is to let you know that, due to the large number of expected teacher absences for the Colorado Education Association (CEA) “Educator Day of Action” on Thursday, March 19, we have made the decision to change the district calendar for this one day.

There will be no school for students on Thursday, March 19. All schools will be closed to students, including preschools. School will resume as normal on Friday, March 20. Charter schools may not be closed on March 19, and we ask that our charter school families please check with their individual schools.

Please know that we understand that this unexpected change is inconvenient for families, and this decision was made due to the large number of teacher absences expected. We would not be able to provide academic programs even if we were to call in as many substitute teachers as possible. Please understand that we took the time to explore all resources and options before making this decision.

Extracurricular activities throughout the district will proceed as scheduled, unless you hear differently from your school.

Discovery Link programs will be open to current Discovery Link and Enrichment families at all 44 sites across the district on March 19, and DPS will not charge families camp fees for this day. Please fill out the intent-to-attend information if you are currently signed up for the program and would like to use the service on March 19.

The CEA is promoting the “Day of Action” for educators to rally at the Colorado State Capitol on the important issue of the inadequate funding level that school districts receive from our state government.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause you. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Family and Community Helpline at 720-423-3054 or email