Websites for Kids

Bradley does not accept any responsibility for the contents of the websites contained on this page. Parents are advised to review each website prior to allowing your children access to these sites.

Math Links 

TensMark  Login

Parent Registration: — login info available from your child’s teacher

Math Help by Grade Level


Figure This!  Math Challenges for Families

The Math Art of M.C. Escher

How To Calculate Pi (using frozen hot dogs!)


Science and Health Links

Wonderville — highly recommended for Grades 3 and up!

Children’s Health Education Center — 

Science Sites by Grade Level


Energy Quest

Social Studies Links

National Geographic for Kids – – fantastic site for the whole family

Super cool! — World Sunlight Map –

World Atlas –

Language Arts and Reading Links

Dr. Seuss’ SeussVille –

Storyline Online – –A MUST SEE site with critically acclaimed read aloud stories and activity guides!

Vocabulary –

Spelling City – — interactive spelling tests

Starfall – — perfect for early readers!

Literacy Center –

Typing Game – --great site for keyboard practice!

Spanish Language Arts

Spanish for Kids -  –hundreds of links and games!


*updated 11/3/14

IB Attitude of the Summer

Independence: thinking and acting independently, making their own judgments based on reasoned principles and being able to defend their judgments


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