School Choice & Enrollment Winter 2019

SchoolChoice Round 1

SchoolChoice Round 1 for 2019-20 takes place February 1-28, 2018

DPS believes all students should have the same access to quality schools, regardless of their background or where they live in Denver. That’s what SchoolChoice is all about.

Any DPS student who wants to attend a school other than their automatically assigned neighborhood school can take part in SchoolChoice.

Families submit one SchoolChoice form per student, on which they rank their students’ top five school preferences. DPS then matches students to schools based on those preferences, as well as school admission priorities and available space. The next SchoolChoice session takes place February 1-28, 2018 for the 2018-19 school year.

Here’s how it works:

  • Find: Learn more about schools in which you might be interested. Use the Great Schools Enrollment Guides, check out our new School Finder and of course, tour individual schools
  • Apply: Fill out the SchoolChoice application, including ranking your top five schools, when it becomes available on February 1, 2018. See below for more information on a new online, mobile-friendly application tool. Submit your application by 4:00 p.m. February 28, 2018.
  • Register: Make sure to register with your school. Placement notifications will be sent in early April.

New Tool

DPS is introducing an online, mobile-friendly tool, which families will use to submit their SchoolChoice application. This new tool can be easily accessed from cell phone, tablet or computer. Because of this change to an online application process, lots of resources will be available for families, including: the SchoolChoice telephone hotline (720-423-3493); access to computer labs and technology support at their child’s school; one-on-one support from SchoolChoice staff; online information to help families use the new School Finder and SchoolChoice application tool; community events; and more!

Guaranteed Seats

All kindergarten through 12th-grade students are guaranteed a spot at their neighborhood boundary school. Students living within an enrollment zone are guaranteed a seat at one of the schools within the zone, not just at one particular school. To learn if you live in an enrollment zone, enter your address at Enrollment Zones .

Enrollment and Registration

There are a few different processes you will go through depending on your specific situation:
Do you need to enroll in a DPS school? The first step is determining your neighborhood – or boundary – school. This is the school at which your student has a guaranteed seat. Click here to determine your neighborhood school: School Finder
Are you interested in attending a school other than your boundary school? You may take part in SchoolChoice, which offers a transparent, equitable way for your family to choose the best school for your student.
Finally, getting registered at the school in which you are enrolled is addressed below as well.

Find your neighborhood school

Are you a Denver resident new to DPS? You may enroll directly at the neighborhood school that serves your address. Click here to determine your neighborhood school: School Finder

To enroll, contact the school office directly for registration dates, forms and required documents. In some parts of Denver, DPS uses shared boundary enrollment zones. An enrollment zone is a geographic area in which students are guaranteed a seat at one of several schools, rather than one particular school. Click here for more information on DPS enrollment zones: Enrollment Zones

Need a new school?

If you want to enroll in a DPS school other than your neighborhood school, you may take part in SchoolChoice.

Families who want to transfer between schools during the current school year may submit an Administrative Transfer form. Transfer approval is based on space availability, demonstration of genuine need and student’s history. Families who are new to Denver or have moved within DPS during the school year can submit a Mid-Year Entry form. Enrollment at a new school is based on space availability. Contact the office of Choice and Enrollment at 720-423-3493 for information.

Follow this link for the DPS Parent Portal: