DPS Summer Resources/Summer Lunch

Posted 05/21/2024

With summer break around the corner, community resources are increasingly more valuable as we continue to serve our students and families while school is out of session. Some of our families and students may encounter additional challenges during breaks so it’s important that we connect them to resources that best serve our community. DPS summer resources and programs with your school communities, which include summer programming hosted by the City of Denver and DPS.


Every summer, Denver Public Schools students and families have access to the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) starting in June. The SFSP is a federally-funded, state-administered program offering breakfast and lunch to all kids 18 years and younger at no charge. Adults can eat a breakfast for $3.00 and a lunch for $4.00.
There are no requirements to register or provide documentation to participate in the SFSP, and families can participate at numerous schools throughout the district. Start and end dates will vary per location, however, all locations will be closed will be closed on June 19 and July 4. For specific information regarding times and locations, visit the DPS Food Services Summer Meal website.
The DPS program begins in June running through the summer months and all locations will be closed on June 19 and July 4. Start and end dates will vary per location. For specific information regarding times and locations, visit the DPS Food Services Summer Meal website.
​If you have any questions regarding the Summer Food Service Program, contact Yvonne Holland.
DPS Food and Nutrition Services

The Denver Health Student Based Health Clinics will be providing mental health support for students over the summer through a program called TRUST who may be suicidal or have violent ideation, have a significant traumatic experience, or any other mental health concerns.  TRUST stands for Therapeutic REsponse and Urgent Stabilization Team.  School staff can make a referral using this form http://tinyurl.com/SBHCMHreferral.  TRUST operates year-round, so you can always refer students, but the summer is a great time to use this resource since school staff are not as readily available.   You can read more about the services provided here.

The Denver Library has many great resources that can be checked out beyond books like Chromebooks through the DPL Library of Things.